Restoring Balance, Transforming Neurology

The human brain contains billions of interconnected neurons that communicate through an extensive web of neural pathways.

Activity in this complex network gives rise to all of our sensations, emotions, actions, and thoughts.

Neurological disorders disrupt the balance within specific pathways, leading to pathological activity that interferes with normal brain function.

The primary challenge in treating these disorders stems from a lack of precision therapies that target only the affected neurons and pathways. Consequently, millions of patients are overtreated with therapies that have broad and often negative effects on brain function.

At, we are pioneering a revolutionary optogenetic therapeutic platform for severe neurological disorders that restores balance to the brain by precisely targeting pathological activity when and where it occurs.

Our Technology

A New Generation of Optogenetics for Medicine

Harnessing the Endogenous Mechanism

Our platform leverages a new generation of inhibitory G protein coupled receptor (GPCR) opsins, developed at the Weizmann Institute of Science, that can reduce communication between neurons on demand when activated with light by activating the endogenous mechanism, and was featured in journals including Nature, Science, Cell and others.

Precision in Space & Time

Optogenetics harnesses the power of light to precisely control neural activity by introducing opsins – light-sensitive proteins – to targeted neurons.

The Next Frontier

Optogenetics revolutionized the field of neuroscience but has faced challenges in therapeutic applications outside of the ocular space. Our groundbreaking inhibitory opsin is the first opsin that can be used to modulate pathological activity and treat neurological disorders in humans. 

Our Platform

Delivering precision therapy where it matters most

A New Class of Precision Brain Therapeutics

The platform combines the strength of our next-generation opsin with validated approaches in gene delivery and light delivery to enable a new class of precision brain network therapeutics that can target neurological disorders ranging from epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and neuropathic pain to essential tremor, narcolepsy and other conditions.

Our Platform Delivers:

• Precision in space by controlling which cells and pathways to modulate
• Precision in time by controlling when to deliver light.

Rebalancing the Brain

Our precision network therapeutic approach restores brain function while minimizing unwanted side effects so that patients can achieve enhanced well-being and a greater quality of life.

About Us

Modulight Bio

A preclinical stage company developing precision treatments for severe neurological disorders characterized by pathological activity in the brain. We have assembled an exceptional team with established track records of innovation in neuroscience, business and therapeutic development.